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Josh Riddell

These movies are all comparable to the fact that each one represents the use of time, space, and memory as major parts to the plot and story line of there respective movies. Each one has a unique way in which they either remember or not remember which makes you wondering how important or how do we reflect and consume memories.

Garret Adams

All three of the films have been similar in a couple ways, the most apparent is memory loss. Which makes sense because its the theme for our class. On the other hand each film is very unique in there own way.

Kevin Smith

The most common link that I can see between these three movies is through the use of props. Even though the props all mean different things depending upon the film, all of the films we have watched so far have used props in some way to represent memory.

Gabriel Yanez

The best way I see comparing the three films is how they use the space of the film. The story structure of Eternal Sunshine and Memento are in a non-linear fashion while Vertigo follows a linear one. Throughout the films memory of the past crosses over to in the "present" building the story structure.

Jesus Hernandez

I agree with Garret. All of the movies seem to follow some kind of theme with memory loss, eventually putting the puzzle together towards the end and all three movies keep it open for interpretation.

Blake Bauer

There is obviously a huge connection with the idea of forgetting memories between the three movies. But it's interesting to think about time because they all seem to portray it uniquely. Eternal Sunshine jumps around a few times having the end at the beginning, Vertigo is fairly linear but is unclear about the time that passes, and Memento plays it backward but with almost no time skippage.

Ryan Giles

All three of these films deal with time, space and memory. Each film has a specific way to pursue these elements but are able to make it onto certain scenes in each movie. Each of the main characters have some sort of issue with memory and try to handle it in their own way.

Andy McDonald

I feel like all these films have stressed memory. I feel as though Memento focused more on time, whereas Eternal Sunshine and Vertigo focused on space more. It was really interesting to see how they all deal with these topics, and how they are interwoven.

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